The goal of our organization is to seek improvements and protections of City of Phoenix Retiree’s pensions and other retirement benefits.


  • Membership is our Strength – Click here for more information
  • Pension Equalization Program (PEP) – Increases your pension annually after the first
    three years of retirement if funds are available, thanks to a COPRA proposal passed
    by the City’s voters.
  • The “Thirteenth” Check – That extra check in December is normally at least
    1% of your gross annual pension if funds are available, thanks to the passage of
    a COPRA proposal that put a proposition on the ballot.
  • Increase for Long-term Retirees with Minimum Pensions – Those who retired prior
    to 1989 got a long-deserved pension increase in February 2000 due to a COPRA proposal
    to the voters.
  • An advocate whenever you have a problem with or question about retiree benefits.
    The COPRA Board, COPRA’s representative on the City of Phoenix Retirement Board,
    and Health Insurance Task Force are there for you.
  • Nine times yearly you receive the COPRA CHRONICLE filled with valuable retiree
  • Social activities abound and friendships are enjoyed during the general meetings,
    activities and educational events.


COPRA’s continued success depends upon your active membership!


Annual dues are $12.00, and COPRA has a special membership offer that provides a 5-year membership for $50.00.


Copra By-Laws