Welcome Retirees!


We hope you find this site useful with quick access to vital information for managing your retirement lifestyle. In the future you will find important announcements and updates affecting City of Phoenix Retirees here on this page. If there is something you would like to see, or comments you would like to make, feel free to contact a board member by email or telephone.





  • All, in person, COPRA Board Meetings and Membership Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


  • Friday, December 4, 2020 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, the General Membership Meeting, will be hosted by Rob Sweeney, COPRA President, on Zoom. A video and audio platform for our members to connect to the meeting. To ensure the meeting is as secure as possible, we are asking members to please pre-register for the meeting by November 7. If you have a computer and email, please send your request to: coprapresident@gmail.com with, ‘General Membership Meeting Registration’ in the subject line. We will follow-up with a link to the meeting. Computer users will be able to choose a video or audio-only connection. If you do not use a computer, please contact me at 480.215.2215 and we will get you an audio-only connection.


    The incumbents and candidates for the upcoming COPRA Board Elections are: Laura Ross (Incumbent), Sue Stites (Incumbent), Rob Sweeney (Incumbent), Kathy Wenger (Incumbent), Brian Suggs (Candidate), and Barbara Wiess (Candidate). CLICK HERE to view BIOS.


  • 2021 Open Enrollment Closes November 13, 2020. Questions? Call The City Benefits Staff at (602) 262-4777








Membership Is Our Strength

Congratulations on your retirement from the City of Phoenix. The City of Phoenix Retirees™ Association (COPRA) Board would like to personally invite and encourage your participation in COPRA. As you may know, the COPRA board works diligently to develop, promote, and carry out activities for the benefit of retired City of Phoenix employees. Many improvements and protections of our pensions and other retirement benefits have come through the efforts of COPRA, a tireless advocate for City of Phoenix retirees. Come join us.