Welcome Retirees!


We hope you find this site useful with quick access to vital information for managing your retirement lifestyle. In the future you will find important announcements and updates affecting City of Phoenix Retirees here on this page. If there is something you would like to see, or comments you would like to make, feel free to contact a board member by email or telephone.





  • All, in person, COPRA Board Meetings and Membership Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


  • The updated information about Open Enrollment for 2021 will be dispersed via Webinar as per the schedule below






  • The Annual Retiree Benefit Guide will not be mailed this year due to COVID 19. The guide will be posted at, phxbenefits.com. You can currently visit the site and find the 2020 Benefit Guide. The 2021 Guide will be posted early October 2020”. Any questions shall be directed to the City Benefits Office (602) 262-4777 or via email: benefits.questions@phoenix.gov.







    We are nearing the time of year when we will be “seeking” new Board of Director members for COPRA.


    COPRA is an important organization that is always working diligently to develop, promote and carry out activities for the benefit of COPRA members and ALL City of Phoenix retirees. Many of the improvements and protections of pensions and other benefits have come through the efforts of COPRA.


    If you feel you are the kind of person that can make a difference, consider submitting your name to run as a candidate for the COPRA Board! We need COPRA members who are committed to our cause, are enthusiastic, who are willing to be an advocate for retirees and have an overall desire to make a difference for our retiree population.


    There are 12 elected positions on the Board, each serving a two-year term. Elections are staggered with six Board positions coming up for election each year.


    Candidate biographies and ballots will be included in the November issue of the COPRA Chronicle with the actual election taking place at a virtual Annual Meeting on Friday, December 4, 2020.


    If you are interested and would like to discuss becoming a member of the COPRA Board of Directors, please contact Dawnell Navarro at (623-412-0854), or by email at navarro2@cox.net. Please contact Dawnell Navarro no later than October 15, 2020 if you are interested in serving.


    (Nominating Committee: Dawnell Navarro: Chair, Louis Matamoros, Mary Jo Slunder, Tammy Ryan, Linda Henderson and Susan Perkins)


  • See the President’s Message, information regarding the new virtual process for obtaining Health Care updates and related information and other news in the October 2020 Chronicle – Click Here.


  • Flu season is coming! The City is offering free flu shots to City retirees. Everyone is encouraged to stay healthy by taking advantage of this free preventative health service. Retirees can receive a free flu shot through Healthwaves by appointment only. Schedule an Appointment Today. Event ends October 29, 2020. Any questions shall be directed to the City Benefits Office (602) 262-4777 or via email: benefits.questions@phoenix.gov


    Retirees can schedule an appointment online using Healthwaves’ Pick-a-Time portal.


    Once on the Healthwaves site, you will be prompted to create an account to schedule an appointment.


  • Steps to change your Federal and State Withholding Taxes in eChris – Click here for Instructions



Membership Is Our Strength

Congratulations on your retirement from the City of Phoenix. The City of Phoenix Retirees™ Association (COPRA) Board would like to personally invite and encourage your participation in COPRA. As you may know, the COPRA board works diligently to develop, promote, and carry out activities for the benefit of retired City of Phoenix employees. Many improvements and protections of our pensions and other retirement benefits have come through the efforts of COPRA, a tireless advocate for City of Phoenix retirees. Come join us.